Women Parliamentarian’s Caucus

One of our key overall objectives is to ensure consolidation of the collective and individual power of the membership of the Women’s Parliamentary Caucus despite our small numbers, in order to engender our core mandate – legislative work, oversight and representational roles of the 12 MPs in the Caucus.

Based on our Terms of Reference endorsed by all members of the Caucus, we have carved for ourselves a few broad areas of work that we expect will bring about substantial equality for women and underrepresented groups. Enlisted below are the thrust areas of our work planned. However, our understanding within the Caucus lends well for flexibility of agenda to ensure that we can always address any unanticipated emerging issues that may impact on women and vulnerable populations.

Empowering Women

Providing mentorship for the women to achieve great heights.

Elimination of Violence

Care for women, eliminating all sorts of violence and harassments.